Soul Food CM

Soul Food in Costa Mesa was started in 2019 by a group of volunteers from the local Baha'i community, who all shared one common vision. We wanted to provide the wider Orange County community with a free program where people of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds can come together to reflect on and celebrate our diversity, and be reminded of the common threads that tie all of humanity together.

The vision for Soul Food is inspired by principles of the Baha'i Faith which promote the oneness of humanity, that it starts with the transformation of the individual, and that every individual can do their part to achieve it.

Soul Food has been running succesfully for many years in Victoria, Western Australia & Tasmania, along with other locations in the United States and Canada.

It is not a religious or political event. There are no talks or personalities, and there is never any one belief system in focus. It is an event for reflection and spiritual growth, combining live music, audio-visual pieces, readings from faiths and philosophers, authors, leaders and indigenous cultures, from all over the world.

It is held at the Baha'i Center of Costa Mesa on the last Sunday of every month. Each month we choose a theme and organise a rich program which explores that theme. To learn more about past topics then please view the list of programs.

Guests come from all walks of life, young and old, from local and afar. Some come for the music, others come for the inspiring readings and audiovisuals. Some sit back and close their eyes, while others sit poised for every word and picture. Some are even moved to tears. All acknowledge one thing – that Soul Food provides a place where we can explore, without expectations or biases, what it means to be a united human family and how we can make this happen.

If this sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday morning, then please come along. It's free and open to all.

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